Logical, scientific and sometimes surprising evidence in the creation/evolution issue.

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Not a Rock Group

Which came First

What is faith

Love Your Enemies!
The teachings of Jesus are ridiculed as being
too radical and impractical, but but have proven to be powerful and life-changing. Watch and decide
Three Evolutions?
Exploring how one evolution is a challenge. How about three
distinct evolution(s)...
no-life, plants and animals.
Calendar Management
It is amazing how time is measured by the birth of one man, Jesus...who never traveled over 200 miles from his home, never wrote a book and was definitely not a rock group.
Which came first?
Exploring the dilemma of which came first...blood, blood vessels or the heart. And then we throw in the brain to complicate the evolution issue.
The religion of evolution!
If we have a theory that has so little verifiable evidence to back it up, we might need to call it what it is...a faith.

What does the Bible say about one church

Exploring inner space

Who created evolution

Inspirational quotes

Is the Bible true

One church!
What does the Bible say about one church. How does this reveal about the issue of denominationalism?
Body Glue (Laminin)
The remarkable body glue of all animals is the Laminin molecule.

Who, not what!
A logical analysis of the origin of the theory of evolution. The answer to who created evolution
is a group of whatevers.

Inspirational quotes
This is a series of inspirational quotes from the Bible, with dynamic illustrations,
Believe it or not!
This is an interesting journey through little-known historical facts of the Bible challenging us with the theme...Bible, believe it or not!

about dinosaurs

Our Majestic God

Glorify God

Big Bang Theory

Dinosaur Myths
This is an exploration of the myths of the fascinating dinosaurs...the most misunderstood animals ever.

Majestic God
A fascinating trip through
the immeasurable universe demonstrating the power
of the creator.

God Sex!
This is a unique approach to the issue of the purpose of sexuality known as (God Sex).
No-life Glorifies God
Be inspired by the wonder of how No-life glorifies God movie. The emphasis is on the wonder of color, smell, differences and
creative genius, etc.

The Real Big Bang!
The real big bang happened, But it was not the evolutionary Big Bang.

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